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Personal Branding Photography in New York & New Jersey

Personal Branding Photographer NYC NJ

Lifestyle branding photography for contemporary business owners

Strengthen your success with professionally produced headshots and branding photography that will establish you as a leader in your industry. Ideal for service providers, creative entrepreneurs, business coaches and dedicated small business owners. These are premium brand images that are ready to work tirelessly for you.


Nurtured by time, care and investment, your business and brand deserve to be showcased through branded imagery that authentically reflects your expertise and boosts your confidence. Effective personal brand photography serves as a catalyst for achieving more of your desired projects and attracting your ideal clients. The concept sounds promising, but what exactly is personal brand photography and who is it for?

personal pranding photographer nj nyc


When the term “headshots” comes up, you likely envision a close-up, carefully posed portrait with a smile against a plain background—commonly associated with real estate offices or corporate ‘meet our team’ pages.

In contrast to the more conventional headshots, an extended Personal Branding photo session typically offers a diverse array of lifestyle portraits and candid shots capturing you “behind the scenes” or immersed in your business activities. This can encompass images showcasing your daily routines, moments of you engaging with clients through a process, or scenes at locations significant to your business.

Depending on the selected package, a personal brand photoshoot may extend to include product photography and group shots with your team. This comprehensive approach provides an abundance of visuals to enhance your website, marketing materials, and social media channels.

personal pranding photographer nj nyc
personal pranding photographer nj nyc


Personal brand photography serves as a powerful tool for conveying your brand’s narrative and establishing your authority in your field. This plays a crucial role in differentiating you from your competitors and increasing your chances of getting more opportunities.

Additionally, it provides a platform for creating authentic portraits that offer potential clients a clear understanding of who they will be working with, attracting the right people and deterring those who may not be a perfect fit.

Essentially, personal branding works to make you and your offerings irresistible to your dream clients.

If you’re currently making a new website, updating your marketing materials, or contemplating launching a brand or product, make sure “schedule a photographer for brand photos” is a priority on your to-do list.


Now is your moment to shine! Choose clothes that make you feel incredibly confident. Determine your favorite colors, the best-fitting jacket, or the most flattering dress. Think about the questions you asked yourself recently – does this outfit align with my brand and the image I want to project to attract my dream clients?

Here are some tips and suggestions:

  • Ensure your clothes fit well and complement your body shape (always try them on beforehand)!
  • Strive for multiple looks to introduce variety into your images. This could involve having two different blazers or jackets to pair with different tops, shirts, or dresses.
  • Simplicity is often preferable. Stay away from logos and text on shirts (they can be distracting and make your images look dated). Avoid intricate patterns and bright fluorescent colors that may cast reflections on your face.
  • Use accessories to add character, but avoid going overboard (consider a statement necklace or earrings, but probably not both). Ultimately, the goal is for clients to connect with you and remember your face, not your jewelry.
personal pranding photographer nj nyc
personal pranding photographer nj nyc


Even the most effortlessly “natural” images require guidance. This highlights the value of bringing the expertise of a seasoned professional, making your photo session more seamless. A skilled photographer can provide direction on hand placement, body positioning, and how to maintain a relaxed facial expression, ensuring you avoid the deer-in-headlights look.

The key to achieving a natural appearance in your photos lies in placing trust in your photographer and recognizing that you are an outstanding business professional worthy of the shoot! If your confidence is wavering, consider practicing power poses before the shoot. Stand tall, place your hands on your hips, lift your head, and embrace a powerful stance for a moment. Then, relax and attentively follow your photographer’s guidance. Don’t forget to breathe!

Resist the inclination to artificially “stand up straight” with a puffed-out chest, as it tends to make you appear stiff and uncomfortable. Instead, elongate your upper body and ease your shoulders. Envision someone gently pulling a string connected to the inside of your belly button, extending up and out through the top of your head, much like a marionette.

Allow movement in your poses. If it bends or twists, go for it. Avoid facing the camera directly; instead, turn about 30-45 degrees and introduce a soft bend in one leg for a more organic and dynamic look.

Combat double chins with the “Turtle Neck” technique—extend your forehead slightly forward and downward, resembling a turtle craning out of its shell. While it might seem peculiar from the side, it creates a perfect frontal view.

Create a slimming effect by keeping your elbows slightly away from your body, forming a gap and accentuating your waist.

If you’re unsure about hand placement, try placing one hand in your pocket and the other on your hip. Alternatively, lightly clasp your fingers together as if twisting a ring. Always ensure that your hands remain relaxed, avoiding clenched fists or a claw-like posture.

As for smiles, you need both, smiling and no smiling photos. Although a variety of expressions is valuable, it is recommended to lean towards predominantly happy and friendly ones. Avoid so-called “serious” expressions, as this can lead to an overly stern appearance. However, a few images with a neutral or relaxed expression can be useful, especially for inclusion in an interview media package, where an overly cheerful photograph may be less suitable.

personal pranding photographer nj nyc

Personal Branding Photographer NYC NJ

Personal Branding Photography NYC NJ